We Are Berean

What binds the BCA Alumni & Friends goes far beyond the pages of our textbooks, and reaches into the principles planted in our hearts.

Once a Cane, Always a Cane

We believe that walking across that platform gave us our diplomas, but the investment of our teachers gave us our future.

Every graduate, parent of a graduate, and relative of a graduate can attest that Berean Christian Academy makes a lasting difference in the lives of its students.

Introducing the BCA Alumni & Friends

In honor of the investments made and the education received at Berean Christian Academy, BCA Alumni & Friends is committed to continuing the standard of excellence in Christian education and to continue to instill godly beliefs in young people through our support to Berean Christian Academy.

BCA Alumni & Friends is a group dedicated to preserving the heritage and continuing the legacy of Berean Christian Academy and its alumni. We exist, not only to strengthen BCA’s current goals or objectives, but also to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and Berean Christian Academy.

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BCA Alumni & Friends

Welcomes the Class of 2022!

Congratulations to the newest addition to the BCA Alumni:
Delaney Burt
Class of 2022
Brianna Crews
Class of 2022
Dylan Fox
Class of 2022
Lindsey Fox
Class of 2022